Triangle – Curt Asker



1998, Parc Saint-Benoît, Digne-les-Bains, Installation


My work is a play between scale and distance. Between the palpable and the impalpable. Making visible the density of the air. Giving weight to something which, by convention, has no weight. By means that are light, but of absolute materiality. I make instruments to measure imaginary distances and scales, while hoping that I will once see beyond the horizon”. Curt Asker.

Invited to Digne in 1999, he created ephemeral installations in Saint-Benoît Park, floating drawings hanging in space, called kites, traces of undulating, irregular frames in the landscape. They are ethereal, immaterial, suspended in the void, defying gravity. This loss of reality goes hand in hand with a loss of proportion due to the distance and the height where they float. Discreet traces of his stay in Digne, two works remain hanging in Saint-Benoît Park and in the Musée Gassendi.

Curt Asker is a Swedish artist, born in Stockholm in 1930. He studied painting in the Academy of Fine Art in Stockholm and, since 1981, he has been a member of Sweden’s Royal Academy of Arts. Curt Asker is above all a draughtsman and an observer. He continually draws during his walks in the countryside (he divides his life between a Swedish fishing village and the Provencal hills of the Luberon). In the late 1950s, he captured fleeting forms through the windows of a car, and they gave him inspiration for his hanging sculptures.

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