Collection of contemporary art in the Digne area

Art in the open air

Numerous artists were invited in Digne to create works exhibited outside the walls of the museum, in the openair. Drawing with social, historical and or scientific context of the region, artists shaped series of art works to be discovered walking along the paths and trails around Digne


Sentinel – Andy Goldsworthy – Vançon Valley


Thus, artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, herman de vries and Richard Nonas invite you to a discover high altitude villages that are now deserted, and even to stay there temporarily by sleeping in such as Refuge d’art 

Other works from Joan Fontcuberta, Paul-Armand Gette, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Trevor Gould, and Stéphane Bérard among many other are to discover. 

Most of the works are accessible on foot and free of charge, throughout the whole year.

Guides and maps are available. (click below)

More informations at the museum or tourism office.



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