Reflection point – Fabien Lerat

Point de réflexion [Reflection Point]


2011, Digne-les-Bains, Parc Saint-Benoît, galvanised steel, formwork timber, Alu-dibond

Point de réflexion
[Reflection point] is a stable point in the landscape, a viewing point that can be regularly moved, to give us a view of other places, to gather other viewpoints, and to draw up an inventory of these observations. Point de réflexion invites visitors to place themselves in the landscape, to record and draw the near and the distant. It is a shaded shelter for taking refuge, for opening oneself to perceptions of the exterior. Point de réflexion is circular, to encourage us to scan the panorama and to look with framing that recalls photography. This space sculpture creates conditions for situations of exchange between an interior (cerebral) and an exterior (sensorial). Opening onto viewpoints, points of meeting of meaning, where our outlooks translate and open our thoughts. Since Point de réflexion can be moved from one place to another, it gives us the possibility of distancing ourselves, stretching our systems of analysis gradually, as we move away from the things that we know. Asking a question in one landscape and finding the answer in another.

Fabien Lerat was born in Paris, in 1960, and he lives and works in Paris. Since the 1990s, he has created works that include various interactions with the participant public: experiences that are sometimes architectural, sometimes performative or sculptural, or sometimes all three at once, related to each other.

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