INSELBERG, Valère Costes

Valère Costes
4,00 €
Publisher: Fage éditions

ISBN: 978 2 84975 265 4

Monograph published on the occasion of the exhibition by Valère Costes Dark Rain in the CAIRN Art Centre, 6 July – 16 September 2012.  Author(s): Baptiste Lanaspeze, Natacha Pugnet. Paperback – 16.5 x 23.5 cm – 88 pages – 62 illustrations. Bilingual publication in French & English.

Costes’s installations replay, with humour, the impasses into which lead a number of the behaviours adopted by the new demiurges and prophets. In them, there is the emerging metaphor of a separation from the world, and its dissolution in its own reproductions. Costes turns ‘a critical eye on that which is done with the aim of imitating reality’, but he does so by subverting the methods and aesthetics of science. Like failed modellings, or indices of tension between will and incapacity, his installations are imitations of imitations, or, more precisely, simulacra of simulations.” Natacha Pugnet