Curt Asker

Curt-AskerCurt Asker
Curt Asker, Michelle Baude, Nadine Gomez-Passarmar
12,00 €

Publisher: Rmn – Musée Gassendi


My work is a play between scale and distance. Between the palpable and the impalpable. Making visible the density of the air. Giving weight to something which, by convention, has no weight. By means that are light, but of absolute materiality.”

Monograph published on the occasion of the Curt Asker exhibition in the CAIRN Art Centre, September-December 2001. Description: Collection ReConnaître, 15 x 23.5 cm, 64 pages, 60 illustrations, Paperback.

With their extreme delicateness, the works of Curt Asker (born in Stockholm, 1930) defy the laws of presence and put them to the test of obliteration by forms that turn away from the tumult to return to the silence where they come from. Exposed to the immensity of the space, his installations come to life in the infinity of stresses caused by the air.

Curt Asker, poet and sculptor, invites us to discover his works in the heart of Digne’s geological reserve.

Texts by the artist in the form of little poems are presented together with abundant illustrations.