Local History

Art & local history: from the Bronze Age to the 20th century

In a vaulted room, reflecting the age of the building that contains the present museum – note the fine Renaissance door – a large panoramic showcase presents the exhibits that tell the history of Digne. The oldest date from the Bronze Age. The archaeological excavations on the site of Notre Dame du Bourg cathedral revealed the collection of rare and remarkable medieval glass. Watercolours by Jean-Claude Golvin, depicting reconstituted views of Digne in ancient times and in the Middle Ages, complete the museographic presentation.

Two themes of arts and crafts and their current equivalent are also presented. Faience ware, including particularly the “Medicis” vase decorated with an ornamental cartouche [scroll] showing a view of Moustiers, a town famous for its faience since the 18th century, together with the production of a present-day workshop (J.M.V. Fine). Pentacrine jewellery or St Vincent Stars illustrate Digne’s know-how in goldsmithing and silversmithing: the production of a line of precious objects, based on a star-shaped black fossil that is also known for its supposed protective properties.