Rockfall – Jean-Luc Parant

Éboulement [Rockfall], Jean-Luc Parant, 1999


1999, Digne-les-Bains, Parc Saint-Benoît, Mixed techniques

Jean-Luc Parant calls himself a “maker of boules [balls] and of texts for the eyes”. He says he simply invented his line of work. He creates a strange work made up of the accumulation of balls of all sizes and of various materials (earth, resin, wax, etc.). Interested in the presence of water, he chose to install a rockfall on the sides and in the wet caverns of the great waterfall in Saint-Benoît Park. This natural, petrifying waterfall that has become the source of all balls suggests that they were produced by the alchemy of water.

Jean-Luc Parant, born in 1944 in Megrine (Tunisia), is a writer and sculptor.

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