Hillwalking guides


Art in the Mountains

22 hikes to discover contemporary art in the Haute-Procence Geopark
15,00 €
Publisher: Arnaud Bizalion / Musée Gassendi / CAIRN centre d’art
ISBN : 978-2-36980-101-6


Discover contemporary art while walking: this is the subject of this original hillwalking guide. “The act of walking involves movement from one point to another, but especially an effort and an intention that make the discovery of each work more intense and intimate”, explains Nadine Gomez, curator of the Musée Gassendi. The visitor becomes a hillwalker by exploring the open-air collection of the Musée Gassendi on 22 mapped routes.

In addition to the descriptions of the routes, this guide includes the presentation of the works discovered on the way, texts on the work of the artists (Andy Goldsworthy, herman de vries, Joan Fontcuberta, Paul-Armand Gette, etc.), useful information, etc.

This guide is for sale in the museum.