Renovated in 2003, the museum is open about its own history, as on its geographical environment and its original collection. Inspired by curiosity cabinets, the museum downtown offers visitors a rich collection, creating a dialogue  between arts and sciences, ancient and contemporary, between the inside and outside. The tour continues in nature to explore the contemporary art collection in situ, comprising about fifty artworks on sites created in collaboration with CAIRN art center and UNESCO Géopark of Haute-Provence. Through this artworks artists invites you to discover today and past history of certain places, even to temporary inhabit them as in “Refuges d’art” of Andy Goldsworthy.

The museum is open all year, everyday except on tuesday

Exhibitions, events, guided tours and workshops take place throughout the year for all kinds of public. Follow our news by subscribing to our newsletter (page footer) and our social networks Facebook, Instagram.

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