Paul-Armand Gette – The diversity of sources, or from optic to haptic

Paul-Armand-Gette-La-diversité-des-sourcesPaul-Armand Gette – La diversité des sources, ou de l’optique à l’haptique
[The diversity of sources, or from optic to haptic]
Paul-Armand Gette

25,00 €


Publisher: Fages éditions, Musée Gassendi, CAIRN Art Centre
ISBN: 978 2 84975 041 4

30 copies numbered from 1 to 30, together with an original drawing (a rubbing of earth and plant on paper), 19 x 24 cm, dated and signed by Paul-Armand Gette. Contributors: Alain Chareyre-Méjan, Fabien Faure, Paul-Armand Gette, Nadine Gomez-Passamar. Sodis: 7593479. Paperback – 20 x 25 cm – 104 pages. 83 illustrations.

With the precision of an entomologist, Paul-Armand Gette has pursued dual research since 1970: one devoted to the nature of the landscape (flora, geological constituents, etc.) based on photographic surveys, graphical notes and collected samples, the other devoted to the study of the model by means of photography. The diary kept by P.-A. Gette in 2004 tells how the exhibition La diversité des sources ou De l’optique à l’haptique was put in place. It tells how, between geological sites and particularities of the Digne region (ripple marks, fossil pebbles, petrifying springs, etc.), and between people serving as models and subjects of predilection (nymphs, lepidoptera insects, Roman history, etc.), bonds were gradually developed during his successive visits.