Isa Barbier – Divestment

Isa-Barbier-DessaisissementDessaisissement [Divestment]
Isa Barbier
12,00 €

Publisher: Fage éditions – CAIRN Art Centre
ISBN: 2849751049

Exhibition catalogue. Texts by Alain Chareyre-Méjan, Bernadette Clot-Goudard, Nadine Gomez. Published on the occasion of the exhibitions by Isa Barbier in the CAIRN Art Centre and in the Musée Gassendi, 14 April – 20 May 2007. 46 pages, 20.1 X 16.6 cm, 127 grams

Isa Barbier’s light, simple in situ installations invite paradoxically to experimentation with complex geometrical spaces. They seem to sculpt space, an impalpable material that they do not occupy as solid objects, but as contourless perceptible forms, ephemeral presences that produce the momentary coincidence of a form and its exhibition to onlookers.