From Venus’s hair to the splendours of the night – Gette

Des cheveux de vénus aux splendeurs de la nuit [From Venus’s hair to the splendours of the night]
A transectal proposition from Digne to Auzet & vice versa
Paul-Armand Gette – Nadine Gomez – Lydie Rekow Fond
12,00 €
Publisher: Yellow Now
in collaboration with Musée Gassendi / CAIRN-Centre d’art / Réserve Naturelle Géologique de Haute-Provence
ISBN: 978-2-87340-283-9


This little book is a guide.

A guide to a work by Paul-Armand Gette that is presented like a scientific excursion punctuated by nine reference points consisting of 0m [0 metres] panels in as many sites chosen by the artist on the trail along the route from Digne-les-Bains to Auzet.

Some of these reference points are indicated by engraved glass panels, others by enamelled panels.

This symbol, 0m., is one of the reference points used by phytosociologists (phytosociology is one of the branches of botanical study) to establish systems for the observation of terrain or transects. These reference points generally indicate the beginning of something.

In Paul-Armand Gette’s work, the 0m. panel, like a punctum in the landscape, points out an aspect related to the local area and its preoccupations: geology, entomology, botany or mythology.

Therefore these nine reference points or nine points of the transect are placed on various sites on the D900A secondary road between Digne-les-Bains and Auzet, chosen carefully by the artist to indicate either a particular viewing point, a framing of the landscape, or a detail, and so the 0m. acts as a pointer.

Texts in French & Italian
This book is part of the work of the same name created between Digne and Auzet as part of the VIAPAC project (Via per l’arte contemporanea).