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The contemporary art gallery that runs around the science room presents Tabula terra by Tom Shannon. Based on the physics principle of magnetism, this work dialogues with the collection of scientific instruments. On the mezzanine, there are also exhibited several works by herman de vries, including frottages [rubbings] and le musée des terres [the soils museum]. The Musée Gassendi has the largest collection of works by the Dutch artist, who represented his country at the Venice Biennial in 2015.

the musée des terres [soils museum] is now housed in the musée gassendi. the collection of soils still continues to increase from one year to the next. for the moment, it contains 7,500 samples. soils are exhibited in the musée des terres. they are there concretely, in their own right, unworked, without additives, elementary. any transformation would be falsification. they come from what is as it is, and they are what they are.” herman de vries

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herman de vries