GASSENDI.CURIOSITY – An application to discover the museum



If you are curious, like the 17th century astronomer and philosopher Pierre Gassendi, a true explorer of the knowledge of his time, then the gassendi.curiosity application is for you!

Explore the “IN&OUT” collection of the Digne Museum, its cabinets of curiosities, its works in natural surroundings, and the treasures in its reserves.

Choose your discovery trail from among a series of fifteen works: “La tête dans les étoiles” [Head in the stars], “Contes et légendes animales” [Animal legends and tales], “Atelier grandeur nature” [Life-size workshop], etc., for a personalised, continually renewed tour!

Create your own collection and share your favourites on social networks.

Bilingual application in English & French

Digital tablets are available free of charge at the museum’s reception area.


Install the Gassendi Curiosity application on your smartphone or your digital tablet from Google Play (Android)

Google Play (Android)



Cultural outreach service created by the Visitor Department of the Musée Gassendi with Ooopener