The tracks of the Hare – Reno Salvail

La traces du Lièvre [The tracks of the Hare]


Reno-Salvail22005, Mont-Blayeul, Installation

The trail-installation, La trace du lièvre [The tracks of the Hare] is on a mountainside in the north-eastern part of the Blayeul mountain range, north-east of Digne-les-Bains. This installation, designed like a game of ”hare and hounds”, is accessible to public by means of the precise GPS coordinates of each terminal. Walking from one terminal to another to reconstitute the Lepus (Hare) constellation, the observer contributes to marking out a footpath in the ground.

I chose to mark out the shape of the Lepus (Hare) constellation in the area of the geological reserve because this constellation in the sky of the southern hemisphere only appears furtively, a few time throughout the year, for observers in the northern hemisphere. It is discreet, like the fossils that are only revealed during rockfalls or landslides. Pierre Gassendi, an attentive observer of the sky and the constellations, noticed that this constellation could be seen from time to time above Lure Mountain.” Reno Salvail, May 2005

Reno Salvail was born in 1947 in Plessisville, in Québec, and he lives and works in Québec City. His photographic works and installations make use of recent technologies such as computerized image processing, satellite photography and digital video, mixing sciences with legends.

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