Lavogne – Henri Olivier

Lavogne, Henri Olivier, 2000



2000, Digne-les-Bains, Parc Saint-Benoît, landscape installation


Lavogne is what Henri Olivier chose to call his installation-pool, adopting the name of the natural drinking troughs used by herds in the Causses mountains. The trough is made of blue porphyry, a whitish, blue-tinged magma rock that is sometimes greenish, with scattered white crystals. Placed in the park like a lens of clear water, this sculpture reflects the landscape. Somewhere between an art installation in nature and a landscaped work, Lavogne aims to remind us of rural life.

Born in Algiers in 1955, the artist lives and works in the French Maritime Alps. Since 1980, in parallel with his artistic work, he has developed experience as a landscaper. His work questions the relations between sculpture and garden, environment and landscape, but also our own perception of space. In the words of Allen S. Weiss, an American writer who specialises in the architecture of landscapes: “his sculptures act as catalysts to set in motion the spirit, the eyes and the body”.

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