IGN map, Refuge d’art route

IGN map Refuge d’Art
Andy Goldworthy
2,00 €

Éditor : Musée Gassendi / IGN
ISBN : 2-912450-15-2

The IGN Art Refuge map shows the route of the entire route (8 to 10 days) as well as the day hike routes.

Refuge d’Art is a work conceived by Andy Goldsworthy in the Digne area, in the protected area of the Réserve Géologique de Haute Provence. Connecting together three “Sentinelles” in cut dry stone that the English artist constructed in three valleys, the 150 km mountain trail follows old paths and crosses the traces of a former intense agricultural life. Andy Goldsworthy’s plan was to renovate some of these ruined buildings (a chapel, farmhouses, sheepfolds, etc.) so that hillwalkers could shelter in them, and to create a specific, lasting work in each of these “art refuges”.

Refuge d’Art is a single work of art to be “walked” in about ten days. Designed by the British artist Andy Goldsworthy, those 150 km route crosses the exceptional landscapes of the largest geological reserve in Europe and allows you to connect afoot three Sentinels (cairns) and seven Refuges (chapels, farms, jas … restored to shelter the hikers and a sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy).

On the back, the map shows to the hiker an introduction to the works as well as practical and tourist information.